Anne's story

Anne tells us about the situation back home in Uganda and her despair as she watches from afar.

Anne* is a refugee from Uganda, who came to Hong Kong in 2011 in search of safety away from the authoritarian regime under Yoweri Museveni. “The big difference between Uganda and Hong Kong is that Hong Kong has security and the rule of law. In Uganda, people go out one day and don’t come back. People die silently. I had to leave. If you have any power, you must. If you don’t find a way out, you will be dead.” Anne herself had her land and property taken away forcefully by the government. She cannot return to Uganda as she fears she will be labelled a terrorist and thrown in jail to be tortured. “We are trying to tell the truth, but now we are the enemies,” she shakes her head.

"All I want is for my people to be safe and to be free. Is that too much to ask?"

Under the iron fist of the dictator, corruption, censorship and violence reign free in Uganda. “Uganda shouldn’t be a poor country, it is only because of poor leadership and management. The President doesn’t develop the country at all. He came to steal, kill, destroy and spoil our future. He treats human lives as a business.” As a teacher and mother back home, Anne finds it painful to watch the news, because it reminds her of her family and her people. “We’ are safe, yes. But we've lost our futures, we’ve lost everything. In our heads, we are still connected to Uganda. Sometimes we become insane thinking about home." Anne often cries in her sleep, when she thinks about the situation in Uganda, both from anger and from despair. "All I want is for my people to be safe and to be free. Is that too much to ask?”

*Name has been changed

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