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The Story of Project Link by Link

By law, refugees cannot work - therefore, they rely on the meagre government aid of $3200 a month to survive. This not only prevents them from accessing many essential resources in Hong Kong, but it also strips away an important aspect of their humanity - dignity. 


To alleviate this, Refugee Connect launched Project Link by Link (in partnership with the Refugee Union), an arts and crafts workshop for refugee women to help channel their creativity and regain their dignity with something they made with their own two hands. After a series of workshops, the end products are for sale. 


By purchasing these handmade products, you are supporting these refugee women and making a positive change in their lives. All proceeds will be donated back to our refugee participants to help them buy mobile data cards, something that they often do not have access to due to lack of disposable income. These mobile data cards will help them stay 'connected' with their families back in their home countries, as well as with Hong Kong society in general. 




We've raised more than $10,000 with our Christmas sales and donations.


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Introduction to Project Link by Link

Introduction to Project Link by Link