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Refugee Connect Team


Sophia Zhang

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Hi, I’m Sophia, a Y12 student at ESF Sha Tin College and the founder and director of Refugee Connect. After volunteering at the Refugee Union and conversing with refugees and asylum seekers, I learned more about their hopes and dreams, their challenges and struggles, and I believe there are a lot of incredible stories waiting to be told. That is what motivated me to start Refugee Connect –– to raise awareness amongst locals about this talented community of people, and to try alleviating some of the challenges they face in asylum. 

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Mia Cheng

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Hello, I’m Mia! I deeply enjoy art as not just a hobby, but a passion of mine, and I believe that art is universal. Hence, I am delighted that, through Refugee Connect, I can share what I love while being able to help others and give back to our community.

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Richard Huang

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Hi, my name is Richard. I am a member of Refugee Connect. I hope to garner more attention towards the HK refugee problem. I also believe that everyone deserves a good education, I hope to bring more to those who are less fortunate.

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Stefanie Lee

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Hi, I’m Stefanie, a rising F5 IB student at St. Paul’s Co-educational College, with a passion for volunteering, poverty-related issues, business and social entrepreneurship. In my free time, I like to play basketball, dance, read or occasionally, go for a run. As part of Refugee Connect, I hope to learn more about the plight of refugees as well as do my part in supporting them in our society.

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Elli Ng

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Hi! I’m Elli. I’m currently a 15 year old student about to study at Li Po Chun United World Collages. In my free time I really enjoy cooking and watching documentaries. I joined Refugee Connect because I think it is very important to make Hong Kong a more inclusive city, especially for those in need.

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Nicholas Ng

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Hi, I’m Nicholas Ng! I’m a junior currently studying in Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, USA. A few of my interests include French, International Relations, playing the French Horn, or Tennis. Outside of school, I also enjoy hiking or exploring Hong Kong.

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Justin Chan

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I’m Justin Chan, currently studying in Harrow Hong Kong. I used to go to Harrow UK. I love wakesurfing and I am a bit of a social butterfly. I’m currently 16.